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My Mission as a Realtor

Always ON !

Los Angeles Real Estate on your mind? Ready to turn your real estate dreams into a bright and shining reality? Look no further! As a creative realtor, I’m always switched on and ready to bring fresh ideas to the table. Like a light bulb, I’ll light up your buying or selling experience with my unique blend of wit and expertise. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or trying to sell your current one, I’ve got you covered. So don’t hesitate – give me a call and let’s get on with making your real estate journey a bright and illuminating success today!

Money in the bag

I’m a realtor, the best in the biz
Helping sellers make that big cash fiz
Filling up bags, with bills to the top
Making sure you never have to stop

I know the market like the back of my hand
I’ll help you sell and make a killing grand
From luxury homes to condos and more
I’ll make sure you close the deal, for sure.

Don’t stress, don’t worry, don’t despair
I’ll be there, to guide you with care
From start to finish, I got your back
You’ll be smiling, with money in the sack.

So call me up, and let’s get started
I’ll make sure you never feel thwarted
Selling your LA home, with me by your side
You’ll be filling your bag, with cash as your guide.

Money in the bag, money in the bag
Selling your LA home, ain’t no drag
Got the skills, got the know-how
I’ll make sure you get that sweet deal now!

Blonde realtor girl with pigtails and black flowers in hair dressed in black leather dress with orange necklace wearable art with the words buy sell sold and golden keyhole holding black leather bag with huge golden brass sigh sold standing in front of sold home, Los Angeles real estate agent

Blonde realtor girl with pigtails and black flowers in hair dressed in black leather dress with orange necklace wearable art with the words buy sell sold and golden keyhole holding black leather bag with huge golden brass sigh sold standing in Beverly Hills iconic sign, Los Angeles real estate agent
Sweet Real Estate Deals In Beverly Hills
Luxury Real Estate
Real Estate Los Angeles, California

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Owen OrtizOwen Ortiz
08:58 19 Jan 23
Beny has been an exceptional real estate agent. Our situation has been quite complicated, but she has been patient and professional throughout all of our interactions. She went above and beyond, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home.
Ed RobsonEd Robson
03:52 18 Jan 23
Beny helped me buy my first home in an extremely difficult market. She went above and beyond on all the properties we looked at, and was very organized, professional, friendly, easy to work with and shook out every important detail. Nothing gets past this lady! She’s definitely the one you want in your corner for any of your real estate needs!
Pablo FullerPablo Fuller
09:50 10 Jan 23
Worked with Beny and her team to purchase my first home and they were amazing! They were super knowledgeable in this field and made my experience so much easier. I was very nervous going in and wasn't sure how to proceed but they explained everything and helped me understand what to do every step of the way. I felt comfortable asking questions and reaching out to them throughout the whole process. I will definitely recommend Beny and her team to all my friends and family that are looking to purchase a home.
Willa BentonWilla Benton
06:06 09 Jan 23
Beny is an absolute dream to work with. She made us as first-time home buyers feel comfortable, and she really took the time to help us understand the process, which honestly was a little scary at times. It was our dream home! The market was pretty competitive and she ended up helping negotiating with the sellers and they accepted our offer. We couldn't have done that without her. Thank you so much Beny.
William AllenWilliam Allen
10:07 23 Dec 22
Beny Hartgers is an absolute joy to work with! She is very responsive and did an excellent job of helping us prepare our home for sale, guiding us through offer negotiations, and assisting us through the closing process. I've already recommended them to several neighbors here in Los Angeles and friends looking to buy or sell. I will not hesitate in the future to contact Beny!
Justin DaviesJustin Davies
10:03 23 Dec 22
I highly recommend Beny as a realtor because she has helped us both to sell and purchase a home in Los Angeles. She is very nice, available and responsive. She will never try to push anything on you and will never waste your time. Beny knows her market inside out and gives excellent advice. She is the best realtor we have met so far and her expertise surpasses anyone's we encountered before. Once again, I strongly recommend Beny if you are looking for a sweet yet serious realtor.
ahmed elhaniahmed elhani
03:02 23 Dec 22
I have a very limited knowledge of the area in Los Angeles and the system of buying homes. Beny Hartgers was very helpful to me in searching for the house that accommodates my family needs. He was on-time, resourceful, knowledgeable to the system and principles, and very helpful. Thank you, Beny!
Ismail CharifIsmail Charif
02:51 23 Dec 22
Beny was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of selling our home. In a down market, she was proactive with proven approaches to marketing and promotion. She is a true professional in addition to being a great person with a great team behind her. I would refer Beny Hartgers to anyone looking for a real estate agent here in Los Angeles
Anthony WatersAnthony Waters
06:07 22 Dec 22
Beny Hartgers is an agent who is hard working, sweet and knowledgeable. She made sure we understood all aspects of the buying process completely. She even kept in contact with us even while she was on vacation! From beginning to end, you will know you are Beny's most important client.
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